Loco Momo – FR/ENG

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Can you gather the right animals to capture the most beautiful picture?

One day, a mysterious camera is found in the enchanted forest of Loco Momo. Everyone finds this new toy very interesting. To determine who it will belong to , the animals of the forest decide that the one to take the best picture will gain ownership of the camera.

During a game of Loco Momo, you have 6 rounds to take the best picture by placing your animal tokens in a clever way on your photo board. To do this, your turn is divided into 2 simple phases: collect animals and place them on your board.

To score the most points after the 6 rounds, you have to optimize your photo board. Indeed, each line brings points in different ways: identical animals, different animals, pair or trio of animals. You can also try to make rows or columns of the same color to get an extra bonus.

Loco Momo is an easy to play, fast and addictive game with rich strategic possibilities. 2 min-extensions included in the basic box can be added to add more interactions and replayability. You’ll have to take a good look at each player’s game in order to get the best score.

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Gather the animals of the forest and manage to make the most beautiful picture possible. Loco Momo is a clever optimization game in which you must carefully choose which animals to add to your board. But beware, each one moves differently! Includes: 2 mini-expansions!

To know more : https://blam-edition.com/en/locomomo

Language Rulebook : French, English

Authors : Lenny Liu & Leon Liu
Artists : Aisha Lee
1-4 players / 20 min / 8+

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Dimensions 20.2 × 20.2 × 5.7 cm