Celestia : Goodie Matryoshkino City

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This goodie is a City tile to be added to the Celestia game.

Set up : place the Matryoshkino city before the first city.

Rule :

  • At the end of a journey, place the aircraft on the Matryoshkino city. Then, each
    player gets to choose one bonus action out of the three following options:
    • Draw one Equipment card
    • Discard one or several Equipment card(s) and then replace them by drawing
      the same number of “Equipement” cards.
    • Place a Treasure card back under its deck and draw another one from the top
      of the same deck.
  • The aircraft is then placed onto Heolia – the first city – to start a new journey (Players will not draw any Equipment card as they would normally do when starting a new journey.).

For more information: http://blam-edition.com/en/celestia

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